Pain Special Interest Group

One of the major objective of the Pain SIG is to collect and propagate scientific knowledge, information and data specific to the practice of pain medicine, pain management, musculoskeletal medicine, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation and occupational rehabilitation and to disseminate that material amongst the members of the SIG. In February 2017 the Pain SIG Terms of Reference were adopted and approved by the Board. 

The current Pain SIG Executive Committee members are:

Dr Harry Eeman (Chair)

Dr Alex Ganora (Secretary)

Dr Ian Davidson

Dr Geoffrey Speldewinde

Dr Mick Vagg

Executive Committee

How to Join

Membership is open to all Members of the RMSANZ who express an interest in the area defined by the Pain SIG.

Send your expression of interest to the Society's Administrative Officer by email to: 

The Board may by resolution, following a recommendation from the Pain SIG, permit persons who are not Members of the RMSANZ to attend any meetings of that Special Interest Group if the objects, scope or purpose of the Special Group will be thereby promoted.